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UPDATE: We lost Lucia to pancreatic cancer in March of 2015. I am maintaining her website posthumously, because I feel people can benefit from her wisdom and I want to keep her memory alive. I have made no substantive changes to her site. Dana (her daughter)

An internationally recognized psychic medium and host of The Third Eye TV show, Lucia maintains a busy schedule of both public and private readings.

She is also a sought-after speaker, and offers many workshops and lectures at home and abroad throughout the year. 

She has studied with some of the most respected mediums in the world at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. However, her readings are not limited to mediumship, but also integrate psychic impressions as well as the wisdom of the Tarot in order to best serve her clients.

Lucia has been a guest speaker at the World Ghost Convention in Ireland, and a lecturer at the National Dowsers' Convention. She has appeared on many radio and TV programs, and has been interviewed by British and Irish national media. She has served Spiritualist churches as the guest medium in Philadelphia and New England, and was honored to be featured as the guest medium at the Vermont State Spiritualist Association. 

She also acts as a psychic consultant, lending her mediumistic sensitivity to respectful investigations of "ghostly" phenomena, and resolving hauntings when appropriate.

Her first novel—a tale of visionary fiction—is currently in revision, while her second novel is taking form.