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In addition to speaking engagements 

at home and abroad, such as at the World Ghost Convention, the National Dowsers' Convention, and the Vermont Spiritualist Association, Lucia has had the pleasure of being featured by the following national and international media.

Click here to hear Lucia on Irish national radio11/01/13

Lucia was delighted to be called by THE NEW YORK TIMES to comment on a famous and very sad haunting that continues to this day on a lonely lake in New York State. 

She was interviewed by SOUL & SPIRIT MAGAZINE, which appeared throughout Britain. Click here to read the article. 

She has been interviewed by the KNOXVILLE (TN) JOURNAL, as well as the (NH) KEENE SENTINEL and EAGLE TIMES.

Click here for Lucia's radio shows CURRENTS and YOUR PSYCHIC LIFE. 

She has appeared as a guest on the TURN TO THE STARS and NEW EARTH LIFESTYLES TV shows, hosts THE THIRD EYE TV show, and has been a guest on many enlightened radio shows.